A point of history

on the Fitzgerald Estate

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After 25 years of international career at Pernod Ricard, Fergus Fitzgerald, of Irish nationality and living in Fronton since 2007, is embarking with passion on a new adventure and converting to a profession that brings him closer to his earthly roots, the vine. 

In his career of professionalization, he undertakes a BTS viticulture / oenology, at the ESA of Angers.

To make his dream come true, Fergus acquired 14 hectares of vines in the Frontonnais, including 3 hectares in lease and 5 hectares of land that belonged to Philippe MURATET and his family, winegrowers and farmers recognized for several generations.

In order to ensure a reasoned transfer, Philippe transmits his know-how by accompanying Fergus in his activity for 2 years.

Fergus intends to highlight the terroir of the Frontonnais, and more particularly of Vacquiers, by relying on the emblematic local grape variety, Négrette, as well as on the diversity of the terroir present on the estate by working on small productions based on plot sorting.

Domaine Fitzgerald produced 20,000 bottles of wine in 2021 which will be marketed in a range of 3 references:

  • Ticol Plage Rosé
  • Ticol Plage Rouge
  • Ô m’en Donné

Fergus wants to develop its range of wines mainly in the CHR and wine merchants network – primarily on the local market and in his native country, Ireland in a second phase.

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